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herman law

Cellphone use while DrivingJeff herman

Law: A driver using a handheld cellphone, or texting, in Washington can be pulled over and issued a traffic citation.

Safety Tips: Public health research shows that a driver on a handheld cellphone is just as impaired as a drunk driver.  Texting while driving is even more dangerous.  Please never use a handheld cellphone or text while driving.

Sample Recoveries:

A passenger in a car rear-ended at 60 mph by a texting driver, causing broken pelvis and femur with surgery and good recovery: $145,000, (limit of all available insurance policies including his own under insured motorist coverage).  Also obtained waiver of over $200,000 in unpaid medical bills at no charge to the client.

A crossing guard hit in a crosswalk in daylight while wearing yellow rain suit, sustaining broken leg and torn rotator cuff: $250,000.








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herman law herman law herman law
herman law

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herman law